Bulk Domain Lookup

Enter the list of domains that you want to look up in the box below without the TLDs/extensions. TLDs are then selected using the checkboxes. You can look up a maximum of 200 items ( domain names x TLDs ) at a time.

Each domain you enter will be checked against each TLD you check so, if you enter example and example1 in the list of domains to check and check boxes .com.au and .com, availability will be checked on example.com.au, example.com, example1.com.au, example1.com.

Then select Check Availability to proceed.

Note: you cannot use Bulk Domain Lookup in more than one window at a time.

Note 2: only letters, numbers and dashes (-) are allowed in domain names.

Domain Names

Separate domain names with spaces or carriage returns

Select TLDs